Someone On Twitter Said “Candy Corn Is Trash”. I Took That Personally.

Janice M. Flanders
2 min readOct 30, 2021

If you have ever put candy corn in your mouth to make vampire fangs as a kid, this is for you. So, where my candy corn people at?

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The official candy of October had been slandered, and I must object. A few weeks ago when I read the tweet, my immediate reaction was “this is outrageous!” I prepared my fingers to respond, ready to give this internet heathen a piece of my mind. Many thoughts started swirling through my head. I thought about fond memories of eating candy corn at Halloween when I was younger. Halloween at our house consisted of huge bowls of popcorn, chips, punch, and you guessed it, candy corn. Our family would watch every “fright fest” and “spooktacular” on cable TV we could find. If Halloween fell on a Friday or Saturday, we stayed up all night. Good times.

Years ago, comedian Lewis Black did a hilarious “take-down” of candy corn and Halloween culture. This is what comics do. I have recently noticed TikTokers and others of that ilk go on rants about candy corn. Clowning on candy corn is low-hanging fruit at this point. Aim higher.
“But candy corn coating is made of bug resin!!” “Candy corn is made with honey, so it’s not vegan friendly!!!”, they say. Hardly an eyebrow was raised when it was discovered that Starbucks used bugs to color their products.

Some candies truly do not make sense, like peeps. circus peanuts, and heart-shaped valentine candy. They look cute, but there is no joy to be found in their taste. I am not writing this article to bash other candies. This is just my opinion. Some candies are acquired tastes, like Twizzlers. Again not my taste, but for people who love this candy, twizzle on.

I eat candy corn once a year. It’s a comfort food kind of thing. Comfort candy. I know some of you reading this are low-key candy corn eaters. I will bravely take up the mantle and defend this weird and wacky confection.

You might be thinking, why am I sitting here, reading this story from this woman ranting about candy corn disrespect? The point of this article is: be kind to candy corn and the people who love it. Happy Halloween y’all.

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