Time. Why You Need To Beg, Borrow, And Steal To Get It.

Janice M. Flanders
3 min readJul 26, 2022

“Time and tide wait for no man.”
-Geoffrey Chaucer

Photo by Niklas Kickl on Unsplash

We are gifted with time every day. That’s the good news.
The not-so-good news is that time is often squandered and taken for granted. Time is lost and cannot be retrieved.

When I stepped out of the rat race, I reflected and put things into perspective. I wasted a lot of time chasing ideals and living in mindsets that ended up completely useless.

In my corporate past life, there was an incident involving a designer jacket. I was a department manager at a international corporation, and I had to look impeccable. I got a call from a friend who worked at a clothing store. There was a Prada jacket in my size. If I did not get to the store as soon as possible, it would surely be bought by someone else.

When I tell you I could have rivaled Lewis Hamilton on the formula one track, racing to get to that store. I remember my heart beating so fast as I drove. My world would not be complete unless I had that jacket. I got that jacket.

I am recounting this ridiculous story because of how it makes me feel. How much time I’ve wasted over the years about things that have no significance today.

Yes, I know it’s about life, growth, and maturity. People change, and you get wiser. I’m not writing this for you.

As I said earlier, you cannot get time back. Spend your time doing things that help you grow. Things that will make you take better care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to this.

This Is Where The Title Of My Story Comes In

Whatever you need to do to get more time for your well-being, do it. If you need to spend time getting more sleep, do it. “But my bills, my job”, etc. We all have those concerns. They will be there in the morning. In the meantime, take your a** into your bedroom and take some time to go to sleep.

Saying NO to people who ask too much of your time is a good thing to do. It frees you up to make better use of your precious time. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings. They will be alright. You can’t help anyone if you are frazzled and fried out.



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